About The Virtuous Brand

We are Shelly and Zaniya, the mother-daughter duo behind The Virtuous Brand. I am the President of the company, and my eleven year old daughter Zaniya is the Vice President of the company. Yes! You read it right, my eleven year old daughter is the Vice President! 

It’s important to me that I teach her what I know and teach her as the business grows, the ins and outs in a business. She inspired me to make a push on this business and I owe her partnership for that. She is hands on with the business by attending vendor events, helping make the products, and making some decisions for the business. My goal is to give her the tools and pray that she will use them to continue this legacy or build her own.


When I think of shea butter I think of healing, feeling refreshed, skin renewed l and smelling good! Shea butter has always been my go to product in life. I take skin care serious, which is why the brand started with just Shea butter! I take pride in my families skin being moisturized. One of my children has fought since birth with eczema and sensitive skin. She hasn’t had a breakout in years from using SheaButter. Skincare and self love is also an element of a confidence boost that taps into area of smelling good, feeling good and looking good. The love and fulfillment I receive from skin care and self love. That is what made me start my own business and hand-make my own line of skin care in hopes that others will receive the same feelings I do.  
I choose the word Virtuous because in my most recent completion of a class at church called Queen Esther, I was defined as a virtuous woman the day I walked into the class. I didn’t believe that was what I should be defined as. As those 18 months passed by I was confident and humble enough to say I am a Virtuous woman. I am a woman of having or showing high morals.
I hope you all enjoy and most importantly my goal is that this product helps others!

Now that you've learned all about us, we can't wait to learn more about you! Be sure to show us your Virtuous Shea Butter using the hashtag #thevirtuousbrand on Instagram and Facebook